Luka Dončić: Becoming Wonderboy offers a myriad of stories of how the Slovenian sensation became Europe’s hottest basketball property. How his first coach was so impressed with him, he moved him two age groups up on his first day of training. Listen to how he left everything behind to join Real Madrid, when he was just 13, moving across a continent to a new country with another language and another culture. Also, how a tough loss in the Euroleague semifinal kickstarted his fantastic MVP season, and why his playfulness on court and his knack for the unexpected make him a fan favourite. Luka Dončić: Becoming Wonderboy, expext the unexpected.

This audio documentary is available on Youtube and at your favourite podcast provider. It is is a Radio Slovenija/Val 202 production, written and produced by Franci Pavšer and Luka Petrič, narrated by Michael Manske, audio editing by Katja Černela. Special thanks to FIBA Europe, the Euroleague, the ACB and the NBA for the use of audio material.

Katja Černela