Midway through the Slovenian national basketball team’s first practice session in the summer of 2017, a month and a half before Eurobasket 2017 started, Luka Dončić made his mark. The squad just started playing five-on-five and when Slovenia’s best center Gašper Vidmar attempted his first dunk of training camp, Dončić swatted the ball away. The hall fell silent. A few nervous glances here and there. And a lot of smiles among the coaching staff. They knew that they had something special on their hands. A kid who can play. And dares to challenge the best. He might have been the youngest player on the team, but that didn’t stop Luka from being Luka.

Luka Dončić: Becoming Wonderboy offers a myriad of stories of how the Slovenian sensation became Europe’s hottest basketball property. How his first coach was so impressed with him, he moved him two age groups up on his first day of training. Listen to how he left everything behind to join Real Madrid, when he was just 13, moving across a continent to a new country with another language and another culture? Also, how a tough loss in the Euroleague semifinal kickstarted his fantastic MVP season, and why his playfulness on court and his knack for the unexpected make him a fan favourite? Luka Dončić: Becoming Wonderboy, expext the unexpected.

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Luka Petrič